Quality band instruments, rentals, service, repairs and accessories throughout Yamhill County. Now guitars, banjos, mandolins and violins, too!

805 NW Alder Street, McMinnville, OR 97128

Arpeggio Music is not presently operating. We do have plenty of instruments and accessories left over from when we were that we would be happy to share with you (at a discount) so that we can empty out the storage area. I can also continue to do repairs (and enjoy doing so) if you need an instrument repaired. My home phone number is 503-376-9818.

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Quality Instruments -- Now Here!

Our goal is to help you, your child or your student have a good, beneficial music experience. To that end we provide only respected brand names like:

  • Alto Sax: Regent, Vito, Yamaha, Jupiter
  • Clarinet: Vito, Jupiter, Buffet, Artley and Selmer
  • Flute: Armstrong, Jupiter, Emerson and Yamaha
  • Trombone: Jupiter, Holton and Conn
  • Trumpet: Conn, Besson, Yamaha, Bach and King
  • Snare/Bell Kits: Ludwig, UMI

Other brands and instruments may also be available, depending on our current inventory. We will do our best to find the exact instrument that you or your teacher request.

Rent or Purchase

Choosing the right instrument is a very personal decision. Sometimes the first one is the 'right' one, but sometimes it isn't. In my own case, I moved through four different instruments while in band. For your convenience, any of our inventoried instruments are available for rent or purchase. In most cases some or all of your rental payments can be applied towards instrument purchases and upgrades. If you already have music experience, have done thorough research and have the cash, purchasing is the least expensive option in the long run. If there is a chance you might change instruments, just want to try it for awhile without a commitment, or are looking for a way to get a quality instrument but spread the payments, then renting is a good approach.

We do some direct band instrument rentals, but most are done collaboratively with our rental partner, Veritas Instruments, for which we are a local representative and affiliate.

Rental Rates for Beginner's Instruments

Rentals are 'month-to-month.' We don't lock you into a long-term contract. There are no hidden fees, interest or finance charges (as long as you keep your account current), and 100% of your payments can be applied towards purchase of the current rental instrument. We will match or beat any equivalent rental program in Yamhill county.

Rental rates range from around $20 - $40 per month for most beginner's instruments. Maintenance kits, reeds, music stands and books are extra. Discounted introductory offers are available for as little as $5 per month for the first two months. Intermediate-level instruments are available by special request and can be acquired in as few as three days.

  Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Bell Kit, Snare Wood Clarinet, Open Hole Flute, Silver Trumpet, Piccolo Alto Sax, Oboe, Euphonium, F-Attachment Trombone Tenor & Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet, Single French Horn, Baritone Horn Double French Horn, 3/4 Tuba, Baritone Sax
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M & R*
5.00 rent per month for the first two months 10.00 rent per month for the first two months  

* Maintenance and replacement coverage.

If you would like to 'bypass' our store, you can rent direct from our instrument provider, Veritas Instrument Rentals, at

Instrument Purchases

Instrument sales is a very competitive business. We will do our best to match or beat any competitor's regularly-advertised price for the same new instrument. We have to examine each situation individually, but assuming we can do so, we will either simply match the price, or include accessories and service credits of equivalent value. For example, if you find a new flute that has a suggested retail of $740 but is selling elsewhere for $600, we would either sell it to you for $600, or for $740 but include $140-worth of accessories and follow-up service (or a combination of the two).

In addition, we provide personal, individualized service in selecting, trying and setting up any instrument. We try to make sure that no one leaves the store with an instrument without knowing how to assemble, disassemble, clean and get a basic tone. And if you have any difficulty with the instrument, we are here to help you and will do anything we can to make the instrument work for you

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason you may return it in same condition within 30 days for a full refund or store credit (less the value of any promotional items included with the purchase).

We can acquire new instruments in any of these brands (and used in many others, including Yamaha):

  • Armstrong (flute, clarinet)
  • Artley (clarinet, oboe, bass clarinet)
  • Bach (trombone, trumpet, french horn, baritone)
  • H. Beyer (violin, viola, cello, string bass)
  • Conn (alto sax, trombone, trumpet, french horn, baritone)
  • Emerson (flute, piccolo)
  • Gemeinhardt (flute, piccolo)
  • Glaesel (violin, viola, cello, string bass)
  • Holton (trombone, trumpet, french horn)
  • Jupiter (flute, piccolo, clarinet, alto sax, soprano sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, oboe, trombone, trumpet, french horn, baritone)
  • King (alto sax, trombone, trumpet, french horn)
  • Knilling (violin)
  • Ludwig (drums, bells)
  • Noblet (clarinet)
  • Regent (alto sax)
  • J. Reiter (violin, viola, cello)
  • Scherl & Roth (violin)
  • Selmer (flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, oboe)
  • UMI (drums, bells)
  • Vito (clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax)

(We can also acquire new Amati flutes, clarinets, trombones, saxophones and trumpets, Strunel violins and violas, Whitehall drum sets and Cannon snare and bell kits. Any of these are beginner-quality instruments; not as good as the above brands, but better than what is found in many 'discount' stores.)

New and Used

We offer both new and used instruments, but we will not sell any instrument that isn't in reliable, playable condition. Any pad, cork, spring or similar work will be provided at the cost of materials for one year on any instrument we sell to you. If you have a used instrument in any condition, we will gladly inspect it in consideration of purchase or consignment sale. We can accept trade-ins towards upgrade rentals or purchases.


We are happy to provide any basic instrument accessory such as:

  • Cleaning kits for flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone and saxophone
  • Reeds for clarinet, bass clarinet, obeo, and alto, tenor and baritone saxophone (Rico, Rico Royal, La Voz and Van Doren)
  • Slide, bore and key oil
  • Cork and Tuning slide grease
  • Music stands
  • Quartz metronomes and chromatic tuners
  • Strings, pitch pipes and rosin for violin family (on the way)
  • Strings, picks and accessories for guitars (on the way)
  • Standard band books (Standard of Excellence 1 & 2 and Accent on Achievement 1 & 2)
  • Soprano recorders for beginning/general music programs

Other accessories are available.

Repairs -- Workshop in Process!

Life is filled with little dents and scrapes! We are happy to perform minor repairs on site (at your location) or at our office (pad replacements, etc.). If the repair is something we can't handle here, we'll see that it gets done right with one of our repair partners. We'll even provide you with a substitute 'loaner' instrument while the repair is being performed (as long as we have one on hand and the repair is going to take awhile).

Maintenance and Repair programs are available for rental instruments (and for instrument purchases in good-to-new condition). These cover loss, theft, damage and repair costs.

How much do repairs cost? If your instrument is covered by our maintenance and replacement program, then routine maintenance is free. Otherwise, we have a general schedule of fees we are happy to share with you in-person or by phone; the rate is calculated at $28/hour plus parts (about half of many other repair shops).

Which repairs can we perform? At present we can perform basic, minor repairs on most band instruments:

  • Pad replacements
  • Freeing stuck keys, slides and mouthpieces
  • Adjusting key action
  • Mending minor dents

We can perform nearly any repair on flutes short of complete reconstruction. We refer major repairs that involve welding and/or refinishing to other reputable (and larger) repair shops.

All pad, cork, spring and similar repair work is guaranteed for one year. Minimum shop fee is $10 -- even for an instrument inspection -- but can be deducted from future repair/service.

Local, Friendly Service

Arpeggio music is operated from a McMinnville residence. We welcome your visit during our business hours from 10 - 5 Monday through Friday, but are also happy to 'bring the shop to you.' We will gladly visit you at your home, and bring any needed instruments or accessories directly to you.

We make routine trips throughout Yamhill county. We are happy to bring your instrument or accessories to you on our next trip in your direction. If we need to make a 'special' trip -- if the delivery can't be worked into our regular monthly routes -- there may be an additional delivery charge.


Local or Online

Rentals: For your convenience you can review and select your rental instrument in person -- just call or visit us during our regular business hours -- or online 24x7 via our rental partner, Veritas Instrument Company. Even if you order online we can still provide the local, personal service that you deserve.

Purchases: If you'd prefer to order online, please click the image, below to go to a HUGE online order center for band instruments and accessories (we are Musician's Friend / Giardinelli affiliates, and will receive a 5% credit for your order). They have great prices if you don't mind waiting a week to receive your products. If you need something immediately, though, please call or visit us first.

Regional Music Stores

If you live closer to Newberg or Salem, either of these music stores may be more convenient:

Newberg Music Center
514 E 1st Street, Newberg

Weather's Music
2825 Commercial St SE, Salem

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